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How to use HotCakesGrants Free YouTube Thumbnail Downloader In Six Steps

First Step: Go to www.YouTube.com, Search for the video that you want to download the thumbnail.

Second Step: Copy the URL of the video (For Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wZ-6IzCfZs).

Third Step: Then Paste that URL in the box given above and then click the “Get The YouTube Video Thumbnail Images” button.

Fourth Step: Choose your Thumbnail size

Fifth Step: Right Click on the Thumbnail you choose and click save image

Sixth Step: You can also click the Download button and it will take you to the thumbnail page you can now right-click and save the image

You can also copy the image URL and keep it for later use

You Can Download up to 4 Thumbnail sizes! ( 120×90, 320×180, 480×360 and 1280×720)

Paste The Youtube Link And Click ”Get The Youtube Video Thumbnail Images”

Right Click The Images and click save images! Four different sizes you can choose from

Some FAQs You Might Need To Know

There are some frequently asked questions you might want to ask. We will be providing answers to some of them here. Also if you need to ask more questions kindly contact us

Is there any copyright risk in using Other Youtube Thumbnails?

No copyright risk but you have to use these thumbnails as a guide for you to create your own and use them for your projects maybe youtube blogs, or any other use.

Bu if you want to use that same thumbnail you will need to ask for permission from the respective owner

Is It Legal To Download Youtube Videos Thumbnail?

Yes its legal to download any youtube thumbnail as much as you ask for permission from the original owner before you reuse it because you already know that the video and thumbnail is copyrighted

Is It Advisable to reuse the thumbnail from the Youtube SEO perspective?

NO! You need to work on the thumbnail or create your own using the thumbnail as a guide. Change some things then you can use it. All thumbnails are indexed so reusing with any changing will be seen as a duplication of the original

Is HotCakesGrants Free YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Compatible on any device?

Yes this HotCakesGrants Free YouTube Thumbnail Downloader website will work on any device. You can visit from any device and it will work perfectly